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Locksmith Shop Celebrating 60 Years of the Golden Rule!

Things were a little different back in the forties.  Keys were .35 cents each or three for a dollar.
When my dad, Billy E. Lee, started working for Mr. Ramseger in the early 50s, he had already tried to train 16 men in Lufkin in the Locksmith trade to no avail.  My dad worked with him part-time for a month and Mr. Ramseger saw he had found the right man.  My dad said there was no better mentor than Mr. Ramseger with his polite and honest way.

 Everyone respected Mr. Ramseger, from the common laborer to high executives because of his honesty and knowledge of the locksmith trade.
My dad said if Mr. Ramseger could walk to the job with his toolbox in town he would, but if it was too far customers knew to pick him up and take him to the job because Mr. Ramseger never owned a car.. but boy did he know how to unlock cars!
 Mr. Ramseger died in 1959, a year after I (Billy S. Lee) was born so I don't remember him, but I've never in my 58 years heard a bad word of any kind to say about Mr. Ramseger.  Everyone always had something good to say.
 Mr. Ramseger didn't have any children and he had told several people in Lufkin that when he passed he would like all his locksmith equipment, which included several key machines, hand tools (many he had designed himself) and key stock to go to my dad.
 My dad and I still have some of the old key machines, including one hand crank type that I myself used many times in the back of the old service trucks.
 My dad, Billy E. Lee, from then on tried to live by Mr. Ramseger's Golden Rule:  "Be honest and do the best work you can do!"
 I too have followed the rule and now we're in our 60th year.  We have gone from my dad working part-time in 1956 out of the trunk of his car to a full service Locksmith shop with six full time employees and four service trucks.
 Although Dad is retired now, we still have to call him from time to time when one of the older locks comes in and its sure nice to have his knowledge on top of what Mr. Ramseger taught him.

At this time I would like to thank Lufkin and all of East Texas for their support. We will continue to be here for you when you need us.

Thank you Lufkin!

Billy S. Lee

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